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Affordable. Zero Emissions. Absolute Style


To A Progressive Future

Electron Vehicles have launched a range of vehicles that are designed to get you around town without fossil fuels. Electric vehicles are fast becoming the way of the world's transportation options and we are on the front line to help drive the wave of mass adoption in Australia.

We firmly believe that you don't need to pay a hefty premium for an electric vehicle, so that's why you'll find our vehicles at an affordable price without compromising on quality.

With an electric motor, it means that the operating costs are minimal! Less moving parts & less vibrations means there’s fewer things that are likely to go wrong.

Australia’s first dedicated Electric Vehicles company.

Focusing solely on anything that moves with an electric motor, we’re excited to encourage the shift from petrol to electrons, topped with a service experience that is like no-other!  Our first vehicle, the E1, took the market by storm. Following it’s footsteps are other vehicles including scooters, bicycles, motorbikes, vans, buses, pickup truck and cars.

Experience The Future

One Mission, Zero Emissions

Check out our flagship product - the E1 here!