What models are available?

We’re launching the E1 first up. This is a versatile little beauty which suits the needs of the many. We are testing the E2 which has a slightly more powerful motor and will require a motorcycle licence to ride (in all states & territories in Australia).

We are currently looking at extending the range of Electric Vehicles for late 2018 / early 2019 which will include motorcycles, cars, vans and buses.

What licence do I need?

In Queensland, you can ride the E1 on the road with a car licence as we have restricted the top speed. Other states may have different rules

Future models will go much faster and can be de-restricted if you have a Motorcycle Licence.

International Licence: If you have a current valid car licence, you are permitted to ride the Electron Vehicle E1 on Australian roads. (NSW and Victoria require you to have a valid Motorcycle Licence).

*Note: Information was correct at the time of publishing. Check with your local police station or on your state’s Transport Authority website for up to date information.

How much does the E1 cost?

They’re at a super cost-effective price of $3,990. We take a $250 deposit up front and the remaining $3,740 is due before delivery of the scooter. We also have finance options available.

This price includes:

  • E1 scooter
  • Battery + Charger
  • 2 Years On-Site Warranty *conditions apply
  • On-Site delivery + Induction & Servicing (yeah, we come to you!) *Limited cities only

I want my Electron, how do I get one?

Calm down, relax and start breathing!

The process is simple:

  1. Click on the Shop tab and follow the steps
  2. We will contact you when your order is placed to arrange payment and organise a delivery date
  3. A $250 deposit is required to secure your order
  4. We will also talk about the exclusive Electron Insurance Club (EIC) offer.
  5. When the E1 is ready our team will deliver it to you and give you a comprehensive induction on how to ride it; basically it’s like riding a bike just a lot more fun!
  6. Now enjoy the thrill of the E1 and rule the streets, silently.

Electric Vehicle hey?

Absolutely! You’ll be helping the planet by cutting out emissions and less wastage from the parts of a traditional motor (no more engine oil disposal!).

We’re here to make Electric Vehicles awesome, functional and accessible to the public.

How fast does the E1 go?

The 2000w motor helps the E1 quickly get up to 50km/hr, which makes it perfect for those who don’t have a motorbike licence. It’s really zippy and has a fast acceleration, so you’ll always remain in front of traffic.

It has 3 gears which you can change with the tap of a button.
Gear 1 = up to 20km/hr
Gear 2 = up to 40km/hr
Gear 3 = up to 50km/hr (generally it’s kept in Gear 3 for optimal performance on the road)

How far do I get on a single charge?

The 60V 23AH (Li/ion) battery will get between 50 – 100km on a single charge, but this is dependent on various factors including; speed, weight, terrain, weather and type of riding. The E1 is not designed for long commutes, but it’s perfect for those who live on the city fringe and want to zip into town or around their local suburb.

Plug it in when you get home and you’ll always have it fully charged and ready to go!

How long does it take to charge?

4 hours and you’ll have a full battery. It comes with a Back to Base charger which conveniently fits in the storage compartment underneath the seat, so you can take it with you.

We recommend you plug it in when you get to work / home, so when you jump on the E1 it’s got a full tank – better than having to stop at a petrol station!. 

We’re working on Premium Chargers to get a quick charge in a few hours. Stay tuned.

How do I charge it?

The best option is to have the battery charger connected to a standard Australian 240V outlet and connect it directly to the charging port on the vehicle. Alternatively you can take the battery out of the scooter and plug it directly to the charger if there aren’t any power points where you park.

We recommend you topping it up before it becomes empty (for obvious safety reasons) and to get the most out of your battery life. 

It would be advisable to not leave it on the charger for long periods of time (i.e if you are going away on holidays).

The charger fits nicely in the storage compartment underneath the seat, so you can take it with you!

Can I take a passenger?

The E1 comes with pedals for a rear passenger, however we recommend that you make this your pride and joy and ride with freedom. The maximum weight for the E1 is 120kg, so be sure not to exceed the weight as it puts extra strain on the motor and will void the warranty.

Note: passengers must wear a certified helmet as well.

How often does it require Servicing?

That’s the beauty of an Electric Vehicle – it barely needs servicing. For Warranty purposes, we require it to be serviced every 12 months or 5,000 km’s (whichever comes first). Cost of service is $145 and our mobile mechanic will come to you! We can service it while you’re at work or at the shops, so you’re never inconvenienced.

How much does Registration cost?

Registration varies in every state. In QLD, it costs $425 to register it for the first year and $325 for every year after that. That’s only $6.25/week!