Dual Brakes

The FS1 has both front and rear brakes, allowing our riders to be safe when they're enjoying the ride out and about. The front brake is activated by the left thumb lever and the rear brake needs for you to push your foot down on the brake pedal above the rear wheel.


The display features 3 buttons - on/off, up & down, which control the speed of the motor's assistance. The right thumb lever accelerates the scooter and the left thumb lever activates the brake.


The 250W front wheel hub motor will help you cruise along at 20km/hr. Just hit the right thumb lever to engage the motor and you'll feel the electric pull from the motor!


The FS1 has a lithium battery which only takes 1-2 hours to charge and will last up to 10km. Perfect for your short commute around your local area. The design of the FS1 was focused on putting all the componentry in the vertical bar, as other models have the battery & motor along the bottom of the scooter which were a safety hazard for low clearance areas (i.e. speed bumps).





The Electron FS1

Electric Folding Scooter

Quickly zip around town on the Electron FS1 scooter. With a front hub electric motor, the FS1 allows you to easily get to your destination with a little bit of electric assistance. This compact scooter folds up nicely so you can carry around with you and stores easily in the corner of your home or office.


  • 250W Front Hub Electric Motor
  • Top Speed: 20km/hr
  • Range: 10km
  • Weight: 7.2kg with battery
  • Battery: 24V 10.4AH Lithium
  • Charging Time: 1-2 hours
  • Frame: Carbon Fibre
  • Speeds: 3
  • Rated Loading: 150kg
  • Wheels: 5 inch rubber
  • World's brightest headlight! (Well, not really but it's super bright!)
  • Colours available: Black, White

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Can you ship this to me?

Absolutely we can! But we'll have to ship it via road freight as some Express Air Freighters aren't fond of having these on their planes.

What's the legality requirements for the FS1 to be ridden on public footpaths?

We recommend that this be used on private property but if you do decide to ride it in a public area then that is your choice. Just play safe, don't go too fast than what the surrounding environment can sustain (i.e. people, bad footpaths, other vehicles).

Just check the local state laws to be sure. A non-powered scooter is fine on a footpath in public areas so we suggest you turn off the motor's assistance and get those feet pumping to push you along.

Do I still need to pedal?

It takes one push to get the motor going and then by using the right thumb throttle it will help propel you along. We're trying to help encourage people to go for longer rides with the electric motor assistance, not become completely lazy so get your feet involved to help push you along - the battery will last longer and you'll get a good workout.

When should I charge the battery?

With Lithium batteries, to maximise their lifespan it's best not to let them get below 50% capacity, so try keep it topped up. If you're going for a big ride then that's fine, just don't make it a habit to run it empty all the time (if you can avoid it). We suggest to recharge it after every ride.

How do I charge the battery?

Just plug the charger into a wall and the other end into the scooter right near the handlebars. There is a rubber flap that is concealing the charging port, so make sure that this isn't lost or removed as it will damage the scooter if water gets in through here. It will take about 1-2 hours to charge the battery.

What's the warranty?

It has a 1 year warranty. This covers the frame, motor, and battery from manufacturing defects. The warranty doesn't cover any misuse or unconventional riding, such as snapping the scooter from pulling sick jumps at the local skatepark or destroying the motor from riding this offroad.

How does it handle in the wet?

The FS1 is ok in light rain, but conditions to ride it in the wet would generally make it unsafe - so leave it at home on a rainy day. 

How does it perform going uphill?

Uhhh let's be honest - you're not getting one of these to help you climb Mt Everest. The motor is there for assistance, not for your primary source of movement. So if you're heading up a hill, give the motor a rest and get those glutes pumping! 

Is it easy to fold?

We wouldn't have it any other way! Just lift the carbon fibre arm that's near the front wheel and the scooter easily folds in half. It literally takes 1 second and then it's handy for you to carry it around or neatly store it in the corner somewhere.

What's the range?

You'll get up to 10km for the range, but this is dependent on how heavy the rider is and the terrain that you're riding on (essentially how much strain you're putting on the motor). If you're going up hills then expect the battery performance and speed to be affected. The beauty of this scooter is that when it runs out of battery, it has a backup power source - human power! Get that foot on the ground and push yourself along!