Rear Hub Motor

The Rear Hub Motor helps you pedal along up to 35km/hr. To activate just turn on the motor at the control panel on the handlebars and then start pedalling. It has up to 5 speeds!


There is an electric pad which controls the rear hub motor. You can set up to 5 different speeds for the rear hub motor to assist you. 

Front Suspension

Get offroad and hit the tracks with comfort knowing that the front Mozo USA shocks will absorb the impact from your ride.


The X1 has a removable Lithium Battery which will get a nifty 35-40km per charge. It takes only 3 hours to fully charge from empty, so it will always be available when you need it. The battery needs a special key to unlock & remove it, so it will always be safe & secure.





The Electron X1

Electric Mountain Bike

Ride further with the Electron X1 Mountain Bike, designed to help you tackle those big hills and cruise through rough terrain. Featuring a 500W rear hub electric motor, the X1 uses pedal power to activate a little boost to ensure you have pure riding pleasure.

With a Samsung battery, Shimano gears, Velo seat and Mozo USA Front Shocks, you know you're getting another great quality product from Electron Vehicles.


  • 500W Rear Hub Electric Motor
  • Top Speed: 35km/hr
  • Range: 35-40km
  • Weight: 28kg with battery
  • Battery: 36V 11AH Samsung Lithium (Lockable & Removable)
  • Dimensions:182cm (L) x 67cm (W) x 110cm (H)
  • Frame: Aluminium
  • Gears: Shimano 21 Speed (3 x 7)
  • Front Shocks: Mozo USA
  • 26" off-road wheels
  • Warranty: 1 year (frame, motor & battery)
  • Colour available: Black or White with Red Rims

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Can you ship this to me?

Absolutely we can! But we'll have to ship it via road freight as some Express Air Freighters aren't fond of having these batteries on their planes.

How does it handle in the rain?

Mountain biking in the rain is dangerous, so it's best to stay inside and enjoy some quality Netflix instead. Our bikes are water-resistant so they're ok in the wet, but you should not let the battery or motor get submersed in water.

Do I still need to pedal?

Absolutely! We're trying to help encourage people to go for longer rides with the electric motor assistance, not become completely lazy. 

When should I charge the battery?

With Lithium batteries, to maximise their lifespan it's best not to let them get below 50% capacity, so try keep it topped up. If you're going for a big ride then that's fine, just don't make it a habit to run it empty all the time (if you can avoid it). We suggest to recharge it after every ride.

How do you remove the battery?

The battery is easily removable - just lift the handle and turn the key to the unlock position. But if you don't have the key, you'll have an exceptionally tough time removing it.

How do you charge the battery?

Just plug the charger into a wall and the other end into the battery. You can charge the battery while it's on the scooter or you can remove it. It will take about 1-2 hours to charge the battery.

Do I need a license to ride an E-Bike?

The Electron X1 features a 500W motor and has a top speed of 35km/hr. This bike is designed for off-road use so there's no need for a licence or registration. However if you're riding your bike on public roads then you should check out the local laws to see what you need to do.

In public areas it is recommended that you don't use the battery assistance and use good 'ol fashioned pedal power to get you around.

How fast does it go?

With your legs, as fast as they can pedal! With the motor, it will assist you up to 35km/hr - perfect for climbing those hills on the mountain bike tracks.

What's the range?

You'll get up to 35-40km for the range, but this is dependent on how heavy the rider is and how many hills you're climbing (essentially how much strain you're putting on the motor). The beauty of this bike is that when it runs out of battery, it's pure pedal power baby! It also has 21 gears so this will help you for easy riding.

Can I sneak out of the house without anyone hearing me?

Absolutely! Provided it's your house and you're not stealing the bike from someone else. Electric motors don't make any noise!

How does the bike handle whilst riding up hills?

The purpose of this bike with the electric assisted motor is to help you climb hills. So if you're heading up a hill, get those glutes & calves pumping and you'll find the motor will lend a helping hand to make the climb a bit easier.