Electron Vehicles


Electron Vehicles use electric motors which create ZERO emmissions. You don’t need to be an environmentalist to do your part, so why not save the environment and some money by going electric. Not only are you limiting the dependence on oil, through buying an Electron Vehicle you are helping the industry advance forward!

If you’re passionate about the Earth, you can charge your Electron Vehicle using completely renewable energy sources (like solar power) and completely reduce your carbon footprint.

Copy of White Battery

Australians spend more than 180 hours every year travelling to and from work. The amount of fuel wasted every year sitting in traffic is staggering however when the E1 is not moving it is not wasting any energy. Electric vehicles are a cost effective option to help the environment and help with your daily commute. Given the compact size of the E1, you are able to zip through peak hour traffic and significantly reduce the time in your daily commute.

We’re looking forward to developing a cleaner future!